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Cured Nephrolithiasis Kidney Stones

Cured Nephrolithiasis Kidney Stones & Hepatic Steatosis Fatty Liver with 8 Days Treatment @Nadipathy™


The kidneys are a pair of organs located in the back of the abdomen.They play a vital role in urinary system and it maintains homeostatic functions in our body. Kidneys regulate the electrolytes, maintenance of acid-base balance and regulation of blood pressure (i.e. salt –water balance). They serve the body as a natural filter of the food and remove wastes which are diverted in to the urinary bladder. In producing urine, the kidneys excrete wastes such as urea and ammonium. The kidneys also responsible for the reabsorption of water, glucose & amino acids. The kidneys also produce hormones including calcitrol, rennin & erythropoietin.

WHAT IS A KIDNEY STONE: It is a small stone, usually made up of calcium crystals, that forms inside the part of the kidney, where urine collects. The stone usually causes little problem until it falls into the ureter, the tube that drains the kidney in to the bladder, and causes an obstruction, preventing urine from draining out of the kidney and often causing severe pain.

A variety of minerals and chemicals are excreted in the urine and sometimes these combine to form the beginning of a stone. Over time, this can grow from an invisible speck of sand in to a stone that can be an inch in diameter or larger.

There are different terms for kidneys stones depending up on where they located within the urinary tract:

Urolith: A stone anywhere within the urinary tract

Nephrolith: A stone within the kidney

Ureterolith: A stone within the ureter

Calculus: A stone within the body


There are certain reasons to form kidney stones in some people and not others. Acid-base imbalance is one of the reasons to kidney stone formation and Thyroid and Parathyroid irregular function create poor absorption of calcium in the body. So that extra deposition of calcium settled as a stone in the kidneys. Dehydration, especially patients who do not drink enough fluids also cause for kidney stone formation. Calcium oxalate is the most common type of kidney stone. Less frequently, uric acid can cause stones. Xanthine, Struvite and other types of stones are rare. Some stones are combinations of these minerals and chemicals. Intake of high vitamin D also a factor to increase calcium stones in kidneys. High Calcium through supplements (not for dietary) in diet may increase the number of stones formed.


When the stones move through urinary tract, they may cause:

 Pain in back and belly

 Frequent or painful urination

 Nausea and vomiting

 Blood in the urine


Many of the treatments are available to cure kidney stones. But they are giving unnecessary medicines to internal body to passage the stones. It will need much time as weeks (or) months. Sometimes they are doing harmful surgeries to remove the kidney stones. This will cause side effects to kidney.

Nadipathy introduced a special treatment first time in the world to remove kidney stones without using any medicines and surgeries. By using acupuncture, acupressure, marma therapy, Vedic therapy, magnet therapy, seed therapy, beach sand therapy, and some other natural therapies we remove the kidney stones safely with 0% side effects. The stones come out from bladder within 30 minutes. Sometimes based up on size of the stones, it needs to remove with 2 – 5 treatments. Once the problem is cured with our treatment, the stone does not appear in their lifetime. It is the safe treatment who needs to cure the kidney stone problem.


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